The first New Year pounds! Jewelry industry the strongest black technology was born?

  The little prince, said: "what is a rite? It is to make one day different from other days, make one point is different from other moments."

  Recalling the past year, you may regret have wanbuhui-old, didn't realize the desire, forget the love, of course, there are striving to enrich, the joy of harvest results, make sure you corners of her love... Time is a travel without a back, good, bad is the scenery.

  On December 29, 2016, is "one day different from other days".

  "World's first fashion jewelry brand" TOTWOO jie-ming wang, founder and "the end of the single intelligent industry era, open era" personalized intelligent jewelry Muse intelligent jewelry xiao-bin wu, founder in the jewelry network under co-founder WeiWei witness on topics such as the exchanges of cooperation.


  Was born in 2016 in the Muse group is one of the industry's biggest dark horse of reached a composition with the swarovski brand cooperation, line in the world for a luxury jewelry design and process standards, create fashion series, old man, punk series three classes, meet the personality requirements of different people. On the function, MuseHeart intelligent jewelry almost arranged the ring on the market intelligence and intelligent bracelet all tasks, integration features include: a key for help, a health code, a key photo, phone calls reminding, heart rate monitoring, remote love, cell phone lost, Morse code.


  And earlier in milan "blooming" TOTWOO intelligence jewelry power to be reckoned with, and the same TOTWOO has not only the fashion and art jewelry natural temperament, but also will do this attribute the distillation of pioneering, by implanting TOTWOO wisdom "core", let the traditional jewelry have "vitality" and "spiritual", TOTWOO tries to use the means of science and technology to a new "love" feeling. Unique "heart" function, let the wearer can send "by hitting jewelry TOTWOO secret language", the party make matching in jewelry flash and vibration appreciate the tacit understanding between the two. Enjoy the single people can also by shaking jewelry to find a tacit and their interactive encounter.


  In 2016 as a determined lover, dies in the line of sight of you, and no longer meet each other in this lifetime. So, in has come, in 2017, two basic tasks: goodbye and set off.

  The intelligent meet the giants in the jewelry industry is to add more daydream, is complementary to the technology research and development? Or capital docking? Even merger? ...... We have reason to believe that TOTWOO and Muse will jointly promote the development of intelligent jewelry industry, the intelligent jewelry industry in big waves!