Filial piety in the immediate concern

  The present China, the old man left, the children of different works, "career" and "filial" is difficult to be satisfactory.

  According to China's aging committee statistics, China has 70% of the old people who live alone, 45% of the elderly heart body meet special circumstances worried that no one knows.


  Filial piety in the immediate concern

  An intelligent jewelry can take care of their parents was born, remote monitoring, real-time understand parents' health, to love beyond time and space, love for parents, not distance. Muse intelligent jewelry specifically for older population development safe, healthy and remote care the function of the three areas.


  Heart rate detection

  China of 330 million hypertension patients than the U.S. population - xinhua net

  Muse heart rate detection of intelligent jewelry: currently, the world's most close to the medical level of the heart rate sensor, the heart rate sensor, is currently the most advanced global Austria microelectronics AMS ai, green heart rate sensor, accuracy is much higher than similar smart products around the world.


  A key for help

  MuseHeart specially designed for the elderly is a key for help function, but in the body such as a heart attack the discomfort, too late to make a phone call, long press intelligent ring for help button for 3 seconds, immediately to the pre-set contacts positioning and distress message such as "a heart attack, emergency".


  The remote care

  Muse has a very powerful features - the remote love floating window, global unique invention patent.

  Children use their mobile phone can be a long-distance real-time monitoring parents' heart rate. Parents heart rate when excessive vibration warnings for your ring will be, and can click the button of hearts APP love floating window, can be anywhere remote detect the current heart rate for relatives and friends.


  MuseHeart intelligent jewelry, cell phone APP, using one yuan logical structure, simple operation, let the elderly can instantly learn to use.