Liao sister artifact

  Liao sister superior mentioned, we will think of who?

  Believe in numerous male god goddess like it must have been in my heart

  - agent 007, James Bond


  James Bond in addition to cold sexy appearance, wit brave heart, captured many young girl's heart. Believe James Bond liao sister technology, also let many boys and envy.

  In the movie, James Bond always has the beautiful sexy "bond girl", also can always encounter a romantic love.


  007 in addition to cold sexy bond, bond girl pretty dizzy, most advanced equipment at the audience.

  007 in order to conceal his true identity, carry a lot of seemingly ordinary but again have the function of equipment:

  Can take pictures and analyzing the glasses, can help watch, pen, with acid and radio transmitters with master key and trigger the device key ring and so on.


  However, as a sister superior, James Bond while there will always be accompanied by beautiful "bond girl", can always encounter a romantic love, but the heart may still have a pity, -- not to "bond girl" a exclusive intelligent ring.

  Today the Muse intelligent jewelry, 007 will be employed.


  Muse intelligent jewelry hidden liao younger sister , light intelligent ring button, instant give you have to "bond girl" positioning and preset information, such as "baby, I miss you, quick come to me".

  The realization of real couples jewelry industry of buddhist monastic discipline function value.


  It is well known that modern young people like pursuing stimulation, like new things, don't know how did you feel the single dog see here, I can only light said the world can't without you liao's sister, only you can.

  Say goodbye to the single, Muse intelligent jewelry a key easily calm!!!!!!!!!!!


  Muse has realized the science and technology and fashion the perfect crossover, meet the demands of the essence of jewelry differentiation 100 jewelry.

  From a cold to rich temperature, from the cumbersome to delicate, from a single phone embarrassment to the personalized multiple choice,

  For intelligence jewelry is the emerging consumer market, will define the next era of industry look forward to!