In jeopardy? Using MuseHeart intelligent ring for help!

  When you're confronted with danger, MuseHeart ring you can long press the help button, by mobile phone APP to the selected friends and relatives or other emergency recourse to send their GPS location information and ask for help.


  When you walked through the indoor parking lot or in the remote alleys alone, will you feel nervous? Once encounter risk how to seek help from others, have a similar situation is not you.

  According to research firm Gallup, according to a survey of the deep night to go out alone, even if in the near his home, 37% of people feel unsafe, 25% of women suffered sexual harassment. People all over the world said they wanted to improve security, and want to feel safety guarantee, when someone to help in time of danger.

  MuseHeart intelligent jewelry, aims to satisfy people's demands of the security. When the user needs to help, through the ring can get in touch with friends, family or other recourse to. Even in his hands under the  condition of limited, users can also through MuseHeart intelligent ring for help button press 2 seconds long, you can sent a distress signal to the specified object, by recourse to get lives were immediately through the help text messages of GPS location.

  Behind such a powerful function, however, each a Muse product is single from the appearance point of view, it is hard to detect the properties of smart technology products, completely grade luxury fashion jewelry. He let you feel safe and at the same time, also make you have stylish times.


  MuseHeart intelligent jewelry also is a key for help function of elderly close security steward, but the body is unwell, or experiencing other danger, and had no time to make a phone call, press the help button 2 seconds long moments to specify the relatives and friends and children mobile phone positioning information and ask for help.