Intelligent jewelry industry news The only global luxury jewelry intelligent grade comprehensive production sales

  On September 15, Muse intelligent jewelry concept conference caused a big stir in the society, the only global luxury grade intelligent jewelry business positioning of the industry tongren endorsed.

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  After concept conference, public and industry colleagues to Muse intelligent jewelry consultant continuously, franchisees, distributors to Muse intelligent jewelry production and reappearance.



  As is known to all, the jewelry, and two intelligent hardware industry perfect cross-border integration to realize mass production, to attack more than long supply chain problem. Now have similar products abroad, but most of them just stop at the concept stage, or just failed cross-border cases, really can realize intelligent production of luxury quality jewelry, Muse or first.


  And because can't live up to what our Muse "redefine intelligence jewelry" carried by the business mission, from September 15th Muse conference to intelligent jewelry concept on November 5, achieve comprehensive stable production status, in the past 50 days, Muse team fighting day and night, again modification, again test, we to approximate the pursuit of perfect quality, our attitude to technology on the stability of approximate demanding, Muse today finally realized comprehensive production. To this, and we expect a distributors again say "I'm sorry, let you waiting so long.


  In Muse stable production of the good news at the same time, the global order of the MUSES and comprehensive shipping at the same time, the United States, the Middle East, southeast Asia, Russia and other business cooperation smoothly, Taiwan conference will be held in the near future, domestic sales and channel cooperation.