Break all hits the truth turned out to be so...

  On September 15, shenzhen jewellery into the next day, scored 40 booths before sea Muse intelligent jewelry group in 30 points, 14 PM on the day in shenzhen convention and exhibition center 5 floor Le cuckoo hall held a long-awaited industry intelligent ring will start. Muse group in light of the present condition of the intelligent ring on the market, the market for the first time the luxury jewelry for grade 80 ring bracelet, 20, has ended The Times of the single model of intelligent apparel industry, open a personalized intelligent jewelry era.


  On the smart apparel markets around the world at present, most take "single model" strategy, for beauty and fashion are dying old man the choice of two different consumer groups, but always is helpless of the same type, let a person. And was born of Muse group made ingredients with swarovski brand partners, line in the world for a luxury jewelry design and process standards, create fashion series, care series, punk series three classes, meet the personality requirements of different people.


  Dressed up to attend the conference, many domestic and foreign jewelry industry to witness this historic moment industry. Also attracts guangdong TV station, shenzhen TV, phoenix, netease, sina, tencent, sohu and other mass media authority and the China gold news, China gemstone, the jewelry net and other professional media coverage. You have said, the design of intelligent MuseHeart ring rich, fashionable appearance has redefined the intelligent jewelry, at the same time to reignite their confidence in intelligent jewelry industry.