This cloud smart ring, which takes one year to develop, is contributed by global top jewelry firm in strategic cooperation Qualcomm, global technology leader. It seamlessly integrates top jewelry design into high-end intelligent technologies, thus realizes genuine interdisciplinary, contributing a real master piece of global smart jewelry field ----- MuseHeart smart ring.Jobs ever said, “Apple reinvents cell phone”, what’s the definition on the role of smart jewelry?MuseHeart will make the expectation that it becomes another Apple of smart jewelry industry come true. MuseHeart is created completely to the design and engineering standards of global top luxury jewelry. We can’t realize it is a smart high-tech product when it is shown to us. Now most smart device we see in the market look ugly, they are less decorative or inflation-proof, MuseHeart is exactly saver of this defect. To satisfy the requirements of different groups like fashion icons, elderly, punk and rock fans, MuseHeart introduced 100 styles of 3 series designed in different appearances, reflects diverse requirements in the consumption of jewelry, announces the end of single-style age of smart wearable products and embarrassed age in which all groups wear one product, while opening an age of customized jewelry.MuseHeart is developed by over 200 hardware engineers who have worked hard for 1 year. The main board----our core technology consists of over 100 components. It is the strongest and smallest of its kind in the world (13mm*13mm). For the first time in the world, precious metal is used as the carrier of Bluetooth transmission, therefore it is able to reach the distance of up to 20m, works more stably than any of its competing products in the world. It has obtained 30 global invention patents, and nearly all valuable functions of wearable products are incorporated in MuseHeart products.MuseHeart smart jewelry has 8 strong functions in MuseHeart, i.e.: one-key SOS, one-key codewords, one-key photograph, call reminder, heart rate monitoring, remote love, Morse Code, mobile anti-lost. It focuses on the most valuable three functions oriented old-aged groups; while focuses on entertainment, social intercourse and other pragmatic functions oriented to young and fashionable groups.MuseHeart makes smart jewelry of luxury grade to the design and process standard for global top luxury jewelries.The amazing performance of MuseHeart won the chance to cooperate with SWAROVSKI ZIRCONIA in smart fields. Every artificial stone has the laser carving mark SWAROVSKI ZIRCONIA which is invisible by eyes. Both MuseHeart and SWAROVSKI ZIRCONIA logos are present in all retail terminals.